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demoz that have been stashed away for a while


released November 16, 2016

all songs written and recorded by snp
backup ukulele on 'blue' by olivia clarke
photograph taken by juliet wenzel



all rights reserved


Parent Teacher Dissociation Rochester, New York

ptd is snp

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Track Name: me
i am getting so skinny
i thought that it'd make me feel pretty
but now everything just hurts me
leave me on that gurney to die
to die

i am getting so clingy
but you still wanna talk to me
i am not good with feelings
but somehow you still like me
like me
like me
somehow you still like me
Track Name: waltz of the butterflies
i keep feeding the butterflies in my stomach sugar from your lips
i can feel them flutter when we kiss and i can't get enough of it

oh ah oh
oh ah oh

i feel haunted by the ghosts of all the things i'll never become
and all the things i'll never have; i hope that you're not one

oh ah oh
oh ah oh
Track Name: sounds fake but ok
you only like me when your exes are around
so you can kiss me on the mouth to make them jealous
i guess i'll play along for now
i wish you would pay attention to me
'cause i am getting lonely
you are my one and only

my life is a series of awkward encounters with people i don't know
and freaking out because i think they hate me when they really don't

remember when that's all there was to life
just fucking cute girls and having
to be home by midnight?
now everything somehow became so fucking complex
i'm asking you for help
and you won't even look at your texts

i don't know how much longer i can put up with this
this "i love you but i'm never gonna talk to you" shit
Track Name: colors
what color is loneliness
what color is sorrow
what color is laughter
and the thrill of tomorrow

what color is joy
what color is death
what color is anxiety
and our final breath

what color is anger
what what color is regret
what color is knowing
and the urge to forget

what color is pestilence
what color is rage
what color is forgiveness
and the coming of age

what color is ferocity
what color is a lie
what color is learning
that this is goodbye
Track Name: blue
i no longer try to wake you up each morning, i just let you sleep
i just let you sleep
and i hope that you get all the rest that you seek 'cause i know you need it
and god knows you need it

blue like the ocean, blue like the mysterious deep and dark sea
the current swallows me
fight it i will not, everything looks better from the bottomless deep
the bottomless deep

i'm awfully sad and i know it will get better, i just don't know when
and until then
i stay in my room and hide under the covers and pray for some sleep
yeah, some eternal sleep
Track Name: make me puke so i know it's real (take 2)
sorry it took so long for me to write this song about you
sorry it took so long for me to be not sober enough to
sorry it took so long for me to notice you
and sorry it took so long for me to get a clue
to get a clue from you
a clue from you
a clue